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Are you looking for quality entertainment for your event? Or comedy and specialty acts for your cabaret? Do you want reliable, professional artists that will “wow” your guests and exceed your expectations? We’d love to inspire your audience with our uplifting, heartfelt, and dazzling performances. We can provide stage sets as well as roving/ ambient or interactive entertainment. We also work with several local event companies, so if you need a full roster of performers, we can help!



"Coventry & Kaluza are world class artists. Juggling Hula hoops, music, comedy, acrobatics - they do it all! They are a privilege to work with."

- A. Dover, Picklewater Free Circus Festival

“[Coventry] You stole the show…my husband and I were both hoarse the next day from hooting and laughing so hard and everyone at our table was near tears. What an amazing performer you are! Thanks again for making this CABEC dinner truly special and making me shine!”

- Michelle Dunn, Co-ordinator for the California Association of Building Energy Consultants

"They add new dimensions to the term

-Joan Mankin, Former Pickle Family Circus Clown

“Natasha Kaluza, working hoops, not like some humdrum house hoop act but like a gifted juggler of invention and poise, easily won the crowd’s most rousing reception.”

– ShowbizDavid

“Kaluza brings the
needed pizzazz!”

- Spectacle Magazine

“…an energetic dance with multiple hula hoops by Kaluza…is an absolute gem.”

- San Francisco Examiner

“I wanted to thank you for helping to make our Open House so wonderful! Your performance and contribution has warranted a lot of compliments.” --Megan Soriano, Activities Coordinator
“Again: many thanks for bringing your all to our event! You both are marvelous!”

– Tatjana Loh, Development Director, The Women’s Building

“Thank you to Coventry & Kaluza for a dependably professional and thoroughly entertaining set. I really enjoy your act, and I hope you'll be available for future events.”

- Glenn Havlan, Recreation Facility Coordinator