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Award winning circus comedians, Coventry & Kaluza bring a variety of skills and thrills to their show which features juggling, acrobatics, music, comedy, high numbers hula hooping, and (optional) dog tricks. It’s interactive fun for the whole family!

Show length: 15 – 50 minutes



“Thank you so much for the amazing show,
it was beyond awesome!”

- Jaqueline Overlid, Oakland Librarian

“You should know that there are kids inspired by & pretending to be you all over. I throw imaginary hula hoops to my “Natasha” & just met another family that plays Jamie & Natasha [Coventry & Kaluza] with magical hula hoops, too.”

- Robin Plutchok, Audience

“I just wanted to thank you for your performance and workshop that you did for us yesterday. The children were totally engaged and having fun! I think the adults in the room had as much fun as the kids. I also really appreciate your flexibility with our scheduling. This was such a great way to kick off our “Under the Big Top” Camp.“

- Kim Adams, Camp Director

“Thanks again Natasha and Jamie! Your circus show was the most fun and best attended program that we’ve had yet. The kids loved it and it was good fun for the adults, too. Bravo on your wonderful act!”

- Christina Nypaver, Richmond Librarian

“I’m going to recommend
you to everyone I know.”

- Kristi Nellor, Client

“[Coventry] You stole the show…my husband and I were both hoarse the next day from hooting and laughing so hard and everyone at our table was near tears. What an amazing performer you are! Thanks again for making this CABEC dinner truly special and making me shine!”

- Michelle Dunn, Co-ordinator for the California Association of Building Energy Consultant

“I can’t say enough about your performances last evening! It was just so great! Many people were oohing and ahhing and hoping to see you perform again soon! Thank you for bringing your own special brand of magic to Fairyland for Member Appreciation Day!”

- Victoria L. Russell, Membership Coordinator, Children's Fairyland

“Coventry & Kaluza are world class artists. Juggling Hula hoops, music, comedy, acrobatics – they do it all! They are a privilege to work with.”

- A. Dover, Picklewater Free Circus Festival

“Jamie and Natasha are leading a new generation of clowns – funny, hip and skillfully tuned into youth culture.”

- Jeff Raz, Founder of the Clown Conservatory, San Francisco Circus Center

“They add new dimensions to
the term ‘multi-talented.'”

- Joan Mankin, Former Pickle Family Circus Clown

“Coventry & Kaluza are super skilled clowns and performers who can capture any age.”

- Thomas John, Entertainer

“We loved your performance at the Pleasant Hill Library last night! I don’t think I have ever seen my kids laugh so much. Thank you!!”

- Nick Fratus

“I’ve been coming to library shows for eight years, and this is the best I’ve seen.”

- Audience August 2015

“…an energetic dance with multiple hula hoops by Kaluza…is an absolute gem.”

- San Francisco Examiner

“You both were hilarious today. My boys were rolling on the floor with laughter!”

- Raghu Raman, Audience

“I wanted to thank you for helping to make our Open House so wonderful! Your performance and contribution has warranted a lot of compliments.”

- Megan Soriano, Activities Coordinator

“Again: many thanks for bringing your all to our event! You both are marvelous!”

- Tatjana Loh, Development Director, The Women’s Building

“Thank you to Coventry & Kaluza for a dependably professional and thoroughly entertaining set. I really enjoy your act, and I hope you’ll be available for future events.”

- Glenn Havlan, Recreation Facility Coordinator

“The pleasure was ALL ours. Working with you was so TOTALLY wonderful… your skilz, your work ethic, your organization, your team, your demeanor, your awesomely glowing being; I reeeeeeally can’t wait to work with you and yours again. I still can’t close my mouth from watching you handle all those hula hoops.”

- Kerah, Danceation

“Really a highlight
of the party.”

- S. Bass, Father of the birthday twins

“Their chemistry together is unstoppable. Their sweet, yet goofy playfulness will put a smile on any face.”

- Dianna David, School of MOVES

“They’re so funny
and tall!”

- 5 year old kid

“Wonderfully stupid!”

- Johannes Mager, The Brass Band