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Circus/ Cabaret/ Variete

Coventry & Kaluza have Worked as a duo and individually for many circuses and cabaret events. With over 20 years of collaboration, we’ve created a wide variety of original material, and can tailor performances to your venue and your needs.



"Coventry & Kaluza are world class artists. Juggling Hula hoops, music, comedy, acrobatics - they do it all! They are a privilege to work with."

- A. Dover, Picklewater Free Circus Festival

"Jamie and Natasha are leading a new generation of clowns - funny, hip and skillfully tuned into youth culture."

-Jeff Raz,
Founder of the Clown Conservatory, San Francisco Circus Center

“I love talent, so
I love Coventry & Kaluza.”

- Steve Smith, Big Apple Circus

“[Coventry] You stole the show…my husband and I were both hoarse the next day from hooting and laughing so hard and everyone at our table was near tears. What an amazing performer you are! Thanks again for making this CABEC dinner truly special and making me shine!”

- Michelle Dunn, Co-ordinator for the California Association of Building Energy Consultants

"They add new dimensions to the term

-Joan Mankin, Former Pickle Family Circus Clown

“Well worth watching on
any stage.”

- Nicole Gluckstern, SF Bay Gaurdian

“I hire Coventry and Kaluza because I can put them into any situation. They are top-notch pros, a blast to be around, and they might just be the hardest workin’ duo in show business!”

- Scott Cameron, Proprietor, Intrepid Rigging & Wrangling

“Natasha Kaluza, working hoops, not like some humdrum house hoop act but like a gifted juggler of invention and poise, easily won the crowd’s most rousing reception.”

- ShowbizDavid

“Kaluza brings the
needed pizzazz!”

- Spectacle Magazine

“…an energetic dance with multiple hula hoops by Kaluza…is an absolute gem.”

- San Francisco Examiner

“[Kaluza is] A bad-ass clown
whose a glutton for hula hoops.”

- Mission Local, SF

“The pleasure was ALL ours. Working with you was so TOTALLY wonderful… your skills, your work ethic, your organization, your team, your demeanor, your awesomely glowing being; I reeeeeeally can’t wait to work with you and yours again. I still can’t close my mouth from watching you handle all those hula hoops!”

- Kerah, Danceation

Acts On Offer

-(5.5 min)

Kaluza brings her own unique b-girl style tothis high energy show stopper that features “one woman and 50 hulahoops!”

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Hula Hoops

(6-7 min)

This act features classic coat exchanges, followed by a four armed illusion and a rhythmic finale.

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The Coat

(5 min)

The cutest dog tricks you’ve ever seen!

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Finley the Fantastic

(4-7 min)

Expect the unexpected in this musical number that starts simple and evolves. Features beatbox and body percussion. May be presented as two shorter acts or one longer one.

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Spit for Spat

(4.5 min)

Comedy partner acrobatics act with surprise ending!

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(4.5 min)

Faux ventriloquist act with ridiculous one liners, snarky zingers and biting political satire.

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Who’s Your Dummy?

(3-8 min)

Perfect for dinner theater or circus cabarets, in this act Coventry juggles tomatoes, plates and balances on a wine bottle and cutting board. Can optionally feature volunteers holding spinning plates.

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The Waiter

(6-7 min)

Coventry & Kaluza live loop bass, chord, and chromatic harmonicas while getting help from volunteers to spin plates and create a fantastic finish

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Plates and Loops

(4 min)

Is it getting cold in here? Time to turn up the heat with this hilarious reverse strip tease.

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Cassy Nova

(4 min) and Sentimental Mood- (5 min)

Two jazzy numbers, one featuring a fabulous diva songstress and her ridiculous dance partner, the other featuring a multi-harmonica, romantic take on a Duke Ellington classic

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Expressive mask work comments on finding connection in the new era of mobile technology

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Bucket Heads

(10 min)

Some people sayfood puns are lowcomedy, but I think they are arty-jokes! In this hilarious cooking act, Coventry and Kaluza single handedly revive the art of the one liner and rimshot comedy. Packed with food puns, absurdity and custom material for your event, this act builds towards a volunteer climax that will sure to satisfy your comedy cravings.

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Clown Soup

(5-6 min)

A musical journey of a day in the life of a man with a harmonica stuck in his mouth.

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(4 min)

Kaluza’s dramatic rendition of a black/white duet with herself.

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It Takes One To Tango

-(6-7 min)

Things get dangerous, when Coventry &Kaluza attempt to juggle six knives around a volunteer. Good thingthe volunteer is holding seven balloonsto keep them safe!

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Knife Juggling